Over the weekend, Ergotelis FC midfielder Leondro Koutris suffered with an injury during his club's match against AEL Larissa. It's an unfortunate part of the game, but something that just happens every now and then. However, what should never happen and was even more unfortunate was the "medical attention" Koutris received. 

After getting to his knees, the guy rocking the mullet tried to quickly get Koutris off the pitch by throwing him on the stretcher. When the other dude realized that they were trying to rush him to the sidelines, mullet man didn't get the memo and went crashing to the ground. Don't worry about it, fellas, you're just carrying around a player already in pain. That's all.   

The guy in the green shirt tried to immediately hit the reset button, ignoring the fact that mullet man never got his feet set. As you could've probably predicted, poor Koutris was slammed down once again. When they finally got the midfielder off the field of play, he was dropped once again and the mullet man was immediately confronted by a trainer who probably didn't like the way Koutris was treated. 

Look, we feel bad for Koutris. But, if someone could add this to the clip, that would be awesome. Thanks! 

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[via @BreatheSport]