A local police spokesman claims that there is no evidence that either Jackson or Lynch were drag racing. Instead he insists that Jackson crashed his car because he was driving too fast. David Liebman of the Renton, Wash. police said:

"There is no evidence he was drag racing anyone. He was leaving the facility, and he was clearly driving too fast when he hit a street sign."

Additionally there is significant damage to Jackson's Corvette (which is obvious from the pictures below), but the actual running back is said to be fine. Jackson himself said on his Twitter account that Lynch (along with several other Seahawks players) was merely at the scene to see if he was okay:

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Certain to be brought up in a media session he'd wish not to attend, Marshawn Lynch is going to be asked about an alleged drag race that occurred today between himself and teammate/oldest running back in the NFL, Fred Jackson. The two (again, allegedly) opted to race down a public street after practice. Jackson, who we assume lost, wrecked his black corvette after he failed to maintain control and smoked a "large planter box," followed by a stop sign. TMZ posted a couple of pictures of the wreckage:

So did Twitter user @Curtis_Crabtree:

Afterwards cops arrived (obviously) as did team staffers who took Jackson back to the Seahawks' facility. Lynch, meanwhile, apparently just drove away. 

This will likely be brought up several times throughout the week.

[via TMZ, Seattle Times]

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