Late last year, your favorite athlete's favorite adult film star Lisa Ann announced that she was retiring from porn to pursue a career in fantasy sports. She agreed to become a fantasy analyst for SiriusXM’s Fantasy Sports Radio. And while it seemed like a weird move for her to make at the time, she has actually become pretty successful at it despite the fact that she knew next to nothing about fantasy sports at the beginning of her SiriusXM stint.

Fox Sports just did an in-depth piece on Lisa Ann and her new job and, in it, she talks at length about how she’s been able to find success. In her mind, the biggest advantage that she has over other fantasy analysts is that players, coaches, agents, and other sports figures are all too happy to provide her with insider info.

“I’ll sit in the family room or green room beforehand and start talking to play-by-play guys or coaches or agents that walk by,” she says. “Most of them think they’re going to fuck me the whole time. And 99 percent of them never will, but I’ll willing to fight that battle to get to know stuff about these teams.”

Throughout the rest of the interview, Lisa Ann opens up about some of the players that she has gotten close with over the years. The story actually starts off with her having dinner with “a famous football player” in front of the Fox Sports reporter (there's no mention of names because the reporter was sworn to secrecy). Later, Lisa Ann describes being in bed with “a veteran and multi-time NBA All-Star” when he discovered that he was being traded while watching SportsCenter. And after the Fox Sports reporter asks Lisa Ann if any athletes have ever shot her down, she discusses the great lengths she had to go through to get the attention of one particular NBA player.

“Well, there was this one time,” she says. “I couldn’t get this player’s attention. I tried everything. So I decided to go to [an NBA] game with two Playboy bunnies at my side. I looked like this tiny little girl next to them. But at halftime, the team assistant came up to me and said, ‘[He] wants to meet you after the game.’ I got my guy.”

The entire Fox Sports story is interesting, because it illustrates how some of Lisa Ann's current relationships with athletes—as well as the new ones that she works to create every single day on Twitter—are helping her in her second career. You can read the feature here.

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