Lamar Odom is apparently one of the hardest guys to get a hold of on the planet, which is why there haven’t been many interviews with him in recent years. There was that one interview that TMZ Sports did with him back in the summer that featured Odom flipping out on the tabloids, but that was a rare occurrence. For a guy who once had his own reality TV show alongside Khloé Kardashian, he does a pretty good job of staying out of the spotlight, outside of all the paparazzi coverage he receives.

Back in August, Bleacher Report’s Chris Palmer managed to catch up with Odom on a few occasions, though, and the two discussed what life was like for him at the time. Odom has obviously gone through some really traumatic things since then, but while speaking with Palmer—who has covered Odom for more than a decade now—Odom appeared to be at peace with where he was at in his life. One of the only things that seemed to get him upset while speaking with Palmer was the tabloid coverage that he has received recently. Specifically, he talked about how he was angry with all of the negative stories that outlets like TMZ have run on him.

“Negative publicity makes people forget your best times,” he said. “I see people and they say, ‘Lamar, you look good.’ But when was I ugly? Was I ever not handsome? TMZ, Star, all the tabloids. For whatever reason, these people are so powerful right now.”

Odom went on to say that the negativity had actually changed the way he approaches the media in general.

“They don’t want to come at me because it would be ugly,” he said. “My mind is more aggressive than passive right now. If you take a dog and shoot at it and back it into a corner, what is he gonna do? He’s going to fight for his life.”

And Odom was obviously bothered by the coverage that his relationship with the Kardashians has received. He didn’t like the way the media was trying to get him to turn on the family that he loves.

“All this drug shit," he said. "All this stuff with my wife…First off, I’ma tell you…That’s my family, and I’m looking you in the eye, that’s my family, no matter what. No matter what man stands in the way, they know I would grip up, knuckle up, do whatever to protect them. Kendall, Kylie, Bruce, Brody, Kim, Kris, Rob, everybody. They know that nobody’s fucking with us. I will flip every table, break every lamp, and roll with them no matter what. And what [the media is] trying to do is weaken that.”

You can read BR’s entire feature on Odom here. Keep praying for Odom, who has been transferred to a hospital in Los Angeles for further medical treatment.

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