Remember Andre Caldwell? If not, he’s the guy who showed up at a church last year and claimed that he had been delivered from homosexuality.

“I’m not gay no more, I’m delivered!” he said. “I don’t like mens no more. I said I like women! Women, women, women.”

He’s also the guy who took to his radio show earlier this month and claimed that he once had a romantic relationship with former NFL star Kordell Stewart.

“I dated Kordell,” he said on his The ShakeUP radio show. “I was like, ‘Mmm…I like football players…I dated other football players too, I dated some of the Rams.'"

Stewart—who has dealt with rumors about his sexuality in the past—denied the allegations immediately. But according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he also decided to take it a step further. Stewart, the ex-husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Porsha Williams, just filed a lawsuit against Caldwell, even though Caldwell later retracted the statements he made about Stewart. The lawsuit was filed in the state of Georgia.

“At all times during his life, Mr. Stewart has been, and is, a heterosexual male,” the lawsuit says. “The false and defamatory rumors that Mr. Caldwell...agreed to publish are centered around Mr. Stewart having an extramarital, sexual relationship with Mr. Caldwell.”

It's worth noting that, after saying what he said about Stewart on his radio show, Caldwell bragged about having “four lawyers” and invited Stewart to file a lawsuit against him. Welp.

Stewart is seeking an unspecified amount of money in his lawsuit as a result of “loss of earnings, emotional distress, and impairment to his reputation.” Stay tuned for further details.

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