Julius Randle hasn’t played a full NBA season yet, but he’s already pulling off slick veteran moves in the middle of games.

During the Timberwolves/Lakers season-opener last night, the 20-year-old Randle showed absolutely no fear of 39-year-old Kevin Garnett. He talked some trash with him:

He talked some more trash with him:

And then, when he was done talking trash with him, he decided that it would be a good idea to throw an inbounds pass off KG’s back after a made basket:

Oh, and after the game was over, Randle also told reporters that he wasn’t intimidated by KG. At all.

“It doesn’t scare me,” Randle said of KG’s trash-talking. “I’m not scared of anybody.”

Clearly! You’ve got a problem on your hands, Lakers fans. And it’s a good problem to have.

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[via Silver Screen and Roll]