Back in August, Complex Sneakers did a wide-ranging interview with Darrelle Revis’ former manager John Geiger, who takes responsibility for helping Revis land a number of high-profile endorsement deals over the years, including his deal with Nike.

Revis and Geiger don’t speak to one another anymore, though, so during the 60 Minutes segment that CBS put together on Revis last night, there was no mention of Geiger. Even if Revis and Geiger were on good terms, this would be sort of understandable, because how often do you hear pro athletes speaking at length about their business managers during profiles on themselves? But despite this, Geiger wasn’t happy with Revis for not giving him any props for the role that he feels he played in Revis’ career.

Specifically, Geiger seemed to take issue with two things: Revis’ uncle Sean Gilbert getting so much credit for all that Revis has accomplished—and Revis visiting the Whitney Museum of Modern Art in New York City at the end of the clip (“That fool so wouldn’t know about any art exhibit without me,” he said after watching Revis look at a Jackson Pollock painting in the clip). So Geiger jumped on Twitter to address the 60 Minutes segment. He referred to all the “lies” in it, called Revis “fake,” and even told the NFL that they should drug test Revis immediately.

All of the tweets that Geiger sent out have since been deleted. But New York Post reporter Bart Hubbuch grabbed them and threw them up on Twitter for all to see. Check them out here:

Yikes. If some of the things Geiger told us during our interview with him are true, we don’t necessarily blame him for being upset with Revis. But some of the accusations he made were pretty wild, especially when you consider that it’s not like Revis went out of his way to bash him on 60 Minutes or anything.

You can go here to watch the entire 60 Minutes segment for yourself.

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