While the WWE hasn't acknowledged John Cena's rumored time off on television (which is intriguing, considering that this Sunday's Hell in a Cell live event is supposed to be Cena's last for a bit), a new live date—at Madison Square Garden, no less—appears to mark Cena's return.

It was previously noted that, for "personal reasons" (which is rumored to be some kind of involvement in a fitness-themed reality show for Fox), Cena would be taking time off from the WWE, returning some time in December 2015 or January 2016. It looks like that date of return will be December 26, 2015, at Madison Square Garden based on this new announcement.

While cards are ALWAYS subject to change, the main match on this MSG show is listed as John Cena versus Sheamus for the United States Championship. It doesn't list who will be champion at that time, just that this is a match on the card (it also lists Dean Ambrose versus Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship, which could be a pre-cursor to how storylines for Owens and Ambrose will be building in the coming months). And while it's hard to place 100 percent stock in this announcement, this is how information regarding Brock Lesnar's MSG return from earlier this month was released (although there's no indication that this show will also be broadcast on the WWE Network).

One of the key takeaways is that at Hell in a Cell this weekend, John Cena doesn't have an opponent; he's just defending his title via his on-going U.S. Open Challenge. While our own fantasy-booking hopes that Cena will drop the title to Ziggler in an angle that'll finally pull the worlds of Raw and Total Divas together, judging by this new MSG date, it might mean Cena will drop the U.S. title to Sheamus on the way out.

It's also interesting to note that, as of right now, there is NO WWE World Heavyweight Championship match on that December 26 MSG date as of yet. But like we always say, card is subject to change.

[via Wrestlenewz]