Jalen Rose Tells Jimmy Kimmel an Insane Story About the Time Someone Tried to Carjack a Bentley From Him

This story is so insane.

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Back in September 2002, Jalen Rosewas involved in a very serious carjacking incident in Los Angeles that ended with one of his friends getting shot in the face. Fortunately, his friend was OK after the incident, and Rose was not hurt at all during it. But still, it sounds like it was pretty wild and could have ended badly.

Rose has told the story in the weeks leading up to the release of his new book, Got to Give the People What They Want. But last night, he brought the story to Jimmy Kimmel Live, and while it might not sound like the kind of story that’s good for a few laughs, there’s actually one really funny thing that happened when Rose was on the way to the hospital to get his friend medical attention. Let’s just say that Rose shouldn’t have told a 911 operator that his “dog” had been shot.

It’s sort of weird to see Rose tell this on Kimmel—he appears to get emotional while discussing the moment that he was driving a Bentley and had a nine-millimeter gun shoved in his face—but it’s still worth a watch. We could sit and listen to Rose tell stories all day long.

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