File this under the crappiest timing possible.

Tonight, during Game One of the freaking World Series, Fox temporarily lost their broadcast of the biggest event of the baseball season. The cause of the seven-minute delay was reportedly due to Fox losing power to one of their trucks. The resulting "technical difficulties" began in the bottom of the fourth inning with the game tied 1-1. The action on the field was briefly halted due to the lack of replay for either team:

Somebody who makes decisions must've realized how absolutely ridiculous this was (Major League Baseball began in the 1800s, replay was instituted like four years ago) and got the game going again. As of now (the bottom of the fifth) the Fox feed is still down, with the game you're (maybe) watching using the picture from MLB's International feed. Not a good look, at all, for Fox. However replay has been restored:

[via Fox]

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