A fight outside Dodger Stadium after Friday's playoff game against the Mets resulted in a fan being sent to the hospital with critical injuries. 

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, police are looking for those responsible, and while it's unclear whether the altercation took place between fans of rival teams, Dodger Stadium has an ugly history where fan violence is concerned.

In 2011, Giants fan Bryan Stow was severely beaten in the stadium parking lot and is dealing with the aftermath of those injuries to this day. The two men responsible pled guilty to the charges, and were sent to federal prison. Stow sued the team at the time, and was awarded $18 million in damages.

A lack of security evidently remains an issue, however, as this recent incident shows. This particular case is reportedly being handled by LAPD's elite robbery-homicide division, which means that local authorities are beginning to take situations like these extremely seriously. What would be nice, though, is if these incidents would simply cease to exist.

The investigation is focused on reviewing surveillance video and interviewing potential witnesses in hopes of identifying all parties involved. 

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