As someone who's not much more than a veteran role player in the NBA, Matt Barnes has seen more than his fair share of headlines that include his name.

Barnes was involved in an incident with Knicks head coach Derek Fisher recently, where a physical altercation took place once Barnes discovered that Fisher was dating his ex-wife. Then we had comments from Barnes that came from an interview with, where he stated that Clippers head coach Doc Rivers "never wanted me" and "couldn't wait to get rid of me." 

Those words were "twisted" in Barnes' eyes, however, and he took to Instagram to explain why he feels that the media has an agenda where stories involving him are concerned. 

I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore when my interviews or events in my life are taken & twisted up to make me look like an asshole! So this recent article about me "hating Doc Rivers" is no different... I did say "Doc & I never saw eye to eye",which was the truth & I also said "he couldn't wait to get me outa there" which was the truth.. But I also said theres "No Hard Feelings" this is a BUSINESS & Doc did wat he felt was necessary to better his team! Not one time did I say "I hate Doc or the Clippers organization"..It's actually the opposite!! I have nothing but gratitude & appreciation for the franchise that I had a "small part" in help turning around! I did say "I can't wait to play the Clippers & Doc Rivers" because I am a competitor & even tho I love my former clip teammates, when that ball goes up Nov 9th for that next 48mins we are enemies!! It's just funny how EVERYTHING that comes out about me is half the truth or $h!t none of the truth..! The few people in the media that try & paint this negative picture of me you are doing a good job, "hats off to you" but my friends family & teammates know me & the truth & I guess that'll have to do! "Just like I drove 95miles from Santa Barbra to LA" lol smh

​Rivers actually seemed to confirm Barnes' side of things that there was no bad blood between the two, and when asked about it by TMZ said "He's a good guy."

Somewhat ironically, Barnes had arguably his best professional season with Los Angeles last year, and was a key member on a very good Clippers team that ousted the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs. But despite his initial comments, the follow-up explanation and the remark from Rivers make it seem like the trade which sent him out of town was truly made only for basketball reasons.

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