Announcers Rip Sorority Girls for Taking a Ton of Selfies at a Baseball Game

The Diamondbacks hosted the Rockies on Wednesday, and with both teams mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, it couldn't have been a more meaningless contest.

That didn't stop the announcers from ripping a group of sorority girls from Arizona State, who spent a fair amount of time taking multiple selfies while the game was going on.

"Do you have to make faces when you take selfies," one of them asked.

"Every girl in the picture is locked into her phone," the other ranted. "Every single one is dialed in. Welcome to parenting in 2015."

The whole thing is pretty hilarious, and really just makes the guys on the broadcast seem to be about 100 years old.

Instead of complaining, they should probably be grateful that the young ladies showed up at all, when it's clear they have plenty of other options.

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[via TMZ]

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