Two high school football teams in Detroit were involved in a massive on-field brawl, but it didn't get started until the game was already finished.

After Detroit King had beaten Cody High School to advance to the state championship game, the fight broke out once the teams gathered together for the customary post-game handshake. It's unclear how it all got started, and somewhat predictably, the head coaches from the two teams each placed blame on the other side.

“There was chirping, stuff was going on,” Detroit King coach Dale Harvel said. “I go to my team and told them they had everything to lose, nothing to gain. If you get put out of here, you’re out next week.”

When the game ended, Harvel and his coaches shook hands with the Cody coaches. Cannon said that Norman insisted his players shake hands with the King players and sent them to the King sideline.

That is when a Cody player sucker-punched a King player, according to Harvel.

Cody's head coach responded by poring over the video evidence, and can be seen defending his squad in the clip above.

Originally, Detroit King was going to be forced to forfeit the championship game as a result of the fight. But a later decision was made to allow them to participate.

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