Being a college basketball player must be so tough. There are so many hours of practice every week. So much travel. So many academic books that still need to be read despite your athletic commitments (LOL). And then, there are obviously all the women on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other forms of social media who just…won’t…leave…you…alone. Who the hell has time for sleep when there are so many women who want to have sex with you?!

Uh...yeah. About that.

It should come as no surprise to hear that there are some women attracted to college basketball players. But one Big Ten player—who chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons—just took part in a wild New York magazine article that features him going on and on and on about how crazy it is to be a college athlete when there are so many women chasing after you. It'll likely shock you, regardless of the preconceptions you probably have about college athletes and sex.

“I’d say I’m hooking up four or five times a week,” he writes. “Sometimes on the weekend I’ll hook up with two or three different girls.”

Later in the piece, things take an uncomfortable turn as the player details how things get so crazy for college athletes that, at times, they get competitive about how many women they can sleep with.

“Sometimes the guys on the team get competitive about sex,” he writes. “Our freshman summer, we actually made it a competition: Who could have sex with the most girls. We had a point system, and we called ourselves the EFC: Elite Fucking Committee. We’d keep track on Sunday and tell stories.”


The college athlete then goes on to talk about how, despite all the fun he's having, he worries that sleeping with so many women could lead to legal trouble down the line. Specifically, he worries about what might happen if a woman accuses him of a crime after sex ("Any girl that I hook up with could lie and say that I sexually assaulted her or raped her," he writes). He also admits that sleeping with so many women “gets old sometimes.” And by the end of the article, he’s wondering about what his life will be like once his college days are over.

“I’m actually starting to think about how my sex life will change after school,” he writes. “It depends on how my career goes. If I go pro, it’ll be professional jersey-chasers after me, and if I don’t, well, then I’m going to have to put some effort into hooking up and be a normal person.”

Is your head spinning yet? After reading the piece, we don’t really know what to think about the player who wrote it. On the one hand, it seems he's really enjoying himself in college. On the other, some of the stuff he says in the piece is sad, and he doesn’t always sound like he's all that thrilled with himself or the situation he’s in. He even writes, “How am I supposed to know if she likes me for me or because I’m an athlete?” when he discusses the idea of trying to find a girlfriend.

You can read the entire piece here. So crazy.

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