It seems as though CM Punk’s Twitter mentions are filled with an endless amount of people trying to troll him about his WWE days. And every now and then, he takes the time out to respond to them. Last night, he did it after a WWE fan attempted to get under his skin following the Cubs loss to the Mets.

Punk has been very vocal about his love for the Cubs and, recently, he has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on the team during their playoff run:

So after the Cubs fell to the Mets to fall behind 0-2 in their best-of-7 NLCS matchup, the fan who runs the @dailystache account—which, we should point out, is dedicated to all Mets-related news—hit Punk with this:

It obviously didn’t sit well with Punk. But rather than ignore it since it came from a Mets fan, Punk decided to fire back and ripped the fan for accusing him of abandoning the WWE:

For what it’s worth, Punk also said that he’s not turning his back on his Cubs:

But he definitely just opened the door for dozens of other trolls who are no doubt going to jump into his mentions in the coming days to try and get a response out of him. Have fun with that, Punk.

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[via WrestleNewz]