Remember the amazing game show Downfall that Chris Jericho hosted back in 2010? Uh, probably not. It only lasted five episodes before it was canceled by ABC. But according to Jericho, he almost punched Vince McMahon in the face as a result of the show.

Jericho sat down with Fox Sports recently to talk about celebrating the 25th anniversary of his wrestling career. During the Q&A, he was asked to discuss the worst argument he ever got into with McMahon. And he revealed that it took place shortly after he was officially hired to host Downfall.

“The worst argument is when I got the job to host Downfall, the game show that I had to audition for quite a few times,” Jericho said. “I didn’t tell him, because I didn’t want him getting involved because sometimes the company will get involved and screw things up for you. [Laughs] And when I finally got the gig, I didn’t tell him, and it was on the front cover of The Hollywood Reporter, which he flipped out at. He forbid me from doing it, and I was going to do it. ‘No, you can’t.’ ‘Yes, I can.’ ‘Well, you’re fired.’ ‘You can’t fire me because I quit.’ ‘You can’t quit because you’re fired.’ ‘I’m going to fly to Connecticut to punch you in the face.’ ‘I’ll give you my address. I’ll be waiting.’ That sort of thing. We kind of just hung up on each other. We ended up working it all out, but that was the biggest actual argument.”

Threatening to fly to Connecticut to punch someone? That’s almost—almost—as crazy as, oh, I don't know, (allegedly) driving 95 miles to punch your former teammate in the face for dating your ex-wife.

But seriously, how crazy would it have been if Jericho and McMahon had actually gotten into a fight over a show that no one even remembers?

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[via Fox Sports]

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