Greg Hardy's behavior over the weekend still has people talking. Including Brandon Marshall.

"I don't think he gets it," said the Jets WR when the topic turned to the controversial Cowboys DE on Showtime's Inside the NFL Tuesday night.

Hardy, who was suspended the first four games of the season for a domestic violence incident last year involving his ex-girlfriend, was caught by cameras berating teammates, slapping a Cowboys' assistant's clipboard, and getting into a shoving match with special teams coach Rich Bisaccia during the Cowboys 27-20 defeat to the Giants. 

With the media constantly scrutinizing the Cowboys' leader in sacks, Marshall questioned Hardy's awareness and wondered if he had learned the lesson NFL commissioner Roger Goodell intended to teach him in handing down the suspension.   

Here's the excerpt: 

"There's two stories here, guys. One, about the player and the other is about the person. And I think you have to separate the two ... There's emotions that come with the game. There's a lot of testosterone. I mean you put so much into the week, you know you get disappointed and you get frustrated in those moments. This Sunday, I got into it with a teammate but we got in the locker room, we talked it out and we love each other.

“The second [story], the person… now this is a sensitive topic for me, because I've overcome a lot of things and I'm really passionate about guys building character, guys really looking [at] themselves in the mirror and trying to get better. Every game I know there's going to be two or three cameras in my face. Why? Because I'm a high emotion guy and because of my history. I am aware. When I look at Greg [Hardy] and how he's handled himself, on the field and in the locker room, I see a guy that is not aware. He doesn’t understand the magnitude of what happened last year, what he did and the atmosphere surrounding the NFL. I don't think that he gets it. I don't think that he learned his lesson. And he really needs to look himself in the mirror and ask himself, what type of person do I want to be?”

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