Bill Simmons does not like his former employer ESPN. We all know this, thanks to his recent podcasts and his appearance on Mike Francesa’s radio show last week. So the fact that Simmons took some shots at The Worldwide Leader in Sports last night isn’t really all that surprising. But we have to give him credit here: This was one of the more creative ways that he could have gone about doing it.

Simmons appeared on a Back to the Future-inspired segment on Katie Nolan’s Fox Sports 1 show, Garbage Time. It featured him going back in time and changing a few things in his career—like, not signing with ESPN—and, as a result, he was free to criticize ESPN on “his” Garbage Time show. He didn’t go for the jugular or anything, and his appearance on Garbage Time was very brief, but if nothing else, it reminded us all (once again!) that Simmons does not like ESPN. That he did this on Fox Sports 1 was just a bonus, and even ESPN personality Michelle Beadle seemed to enjoy it:

Well done. Check out Simmons' Garbage Time appearance in the clip above.

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