If it weren't for an untimely injury, Sunday's game between Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs would've done more than pit two of the best running backs in Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles against one another. It could've finally settled the debate between Peterson and Charles over who is the LeBron James of the NFL

Back in August, Charles anointed himself as the "LeBron James of the NFL" only to have Peterson align himself with The King a few weeks later. Fast forward nearly two months and just when it looked like we would be able to get some closure over this debate, the Chiefs running back went down with a season-ending torn ACL injury in Week 5. 

So, with Charles out of action, Peterson was asked by the Kansas City area media about where their dispute currently stands. AP took the high road, but also opened up a whole new topic of discussion in the process. "I'll say I'm the Michael Jordan,'' he said. "There's always the debate, would LeBron be better than Michael? So I'll say I'm the Michael Jordan of football." 

Wait, wait, hold up! Peterson is now comparing himself to the best player to ever play the game of basketball? So, does that mean the Vikings running back is saying that he's the greatest of all-time? While some Green Bay Packers players will not agree with All Day's self-assessment, it's still worth discussing. When it's all said and done, should Peterson be considered the best to ever play in the NFL? 

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