The designers at La Casaca have managed to re-up some of the 90s football kits that history doesn't look kindly on and turn them into works of art. 

Some of the worst kits from the world's biggest clubs have been reimagined as 2015 adidas third kits, and they're all looking pretty sick. Up for redesign were Chelsea's 1995/96 away kit, AC Milan's 1995 away kit, the 1993 Bayern Munich away kit, Ajax's away kit from 1989, the Real Madrid and Juventus '96 third kits and, obviously, Manchester United's 1995 away kit, as well as some shockers from South America. 

The first step was to take the gareish old kits and modernise them. After that, the designers had to find away to take these, erm, iconic designs and make them actually look good. 

Real Madrid's 1996 third kit.

Bayern Munich's 1993 away kit.

Manchester United's 1995 away kit.

Chelsea's 1994 away kit.

Juventus' 1996 third kit.

River Plate 1994 away kit.

Get this guy a job.

[via La Casaca]