It is way too early to be making Super Bowl predictions, and yet the Patriots look to be as formidable as anyone in the AFC. So though I literally just typed that it's "way too early," New England looks like a decent low payout bet to be playing during the final weekend of the year. By then you'd think DeflateGate would be long dead, but no man, it's never going away.

Today a federal appeals court approved an NFL (and an NFLPA) request to expedite their appeal of the lower court judgment that erased Tom Brady's four-game suspension intended to keep him from lining up behind center for the first four contests of this season. 

The ruling will almost certainly guarantee Brady will play the entire regular season through the Conference Championship (contradicting earlier reports). However, the appeal will be heard as early as the week of February 1, which happens to be the same week as Super Bowl 50 (February 7). That means, like this year, you can almost assuredly expect more DeflateGate talk during the run-up to the 2016 Super Bowl. 

Don't say you weren't warned.

[via ESPN]

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