This story took a turn for the worst.

TMZ Sports obtained a video of the man who yelled at Terrell Owens outside of a Starbucks in California on Tuesday, and it's way crazier than we imagined it would be. In it, the man screams at T.O., uses the N-word, and also refers to the former NFL star as a "fucking knuckle-running, spear-chucking, monkey-ass looking motherfucker."

TMZ Sports spoke with the man, identified only as Arman, and he talked about using the N-word.

"I use that word and it's very much accepted in the black community," he said, before trying to justify his use of the other racist language. "I just wanted to make him mad and sad. I'm Middle Eastern and Muslim and not KKK."

You can watch the video below. Just a warning: It features a ton of NSFW language.

See original story below.

Contrary to what Shaq might think, black people do drink Starbucks. In fact, on Tuesday, former NFL star Terrell Owens stopped by a Starbucks in Brentwood, Calif. to grab a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, it wasn't a pleasant experience for him, and the result is one of the dumbest stories you'll ever read (so dumb that you just need to continue on!).

According to TMZ Sports, a 28-year-old man started screaming T.O.'s name while he was inside of the Starbucks. T.O. asked the guy to stop but he wouldn't, so according to the guy, T.O. tripped him on purpose. The guy then continued to verbally harass T.O. as he walked to his car—one witness says he shouted, "Fuck you, Terrell Owens," at him, while another claims he called T.O. a "bitch ass nigga"—and after awhile, T.O. reportedly had enough. So he allegedly jumped out of his car and threw his Starbucks coffee cup at the guy.

The guy called police and asked for help from paramedics. But just one problem: When the cops arrived, they didn't find any coffee on him, so T.O. either threw an empty cup at the guy or the guy is just making the whole thing up. Either way, police are looking into his claims and, well, yeah. That's it.

Like we said, this is sooooooo dumb. T.O. probably doesn't even have to bother calling his lawyer about this.

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