Just because Steve Nash isn't playing anymore doesn't mean he can't serve a purpose. That's apparently the thinking of the Warriors' brass who are reportedly close to acquiring the eight-time All-Star's wealth of knowledge by inking him to the organization as a part-time player development consultant. Serving in that capacity, Nash will be brought in a few days a month to tutor the defending champs' guards, because just what the rest of the league needs is for Steph Curry to get better.

Last year, whilst out with a career-ending back injury, Nash found himself in a similar role for the Lakers before moving on to do the same with several guards (including Jeremy Lin, C.J. McCollum, Dante Exum and Kemba Walker) over the summer.

The move comes (or, we should say, is likely to come) after Nash stated he was not immediately planning to jump into coaching. But sometimes these roles just find you. Like, for instance, when you have 18-years of experience and two MVP awards on your resume.

[via ESPN]

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