The 2015-16 NBA season is about to start, but more importantly: more Riley Curry!

Jeremy Lin, who is low-key turning into a YouTube star, dropped a new video today starring Riley's dad, Steph Curry, who's apparently also pretty decent at golf. To be honest, I didn't watch the entire video and instead skipped to the 4:15 mark because RILEY, STEPH, AND JEREMY DO THE WHIP AND NAE NAE. FYI, Riley is a pro at this dance. Her dad also likes to do the dance quite often

The full video is titled "How to Fit in the NBA" and, from my quick glance, it actually looks pretty entertaining and features cameos from Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan, Kyle Korver, Tyson Chandler, and more. You know, just in case you've replayed Riley, Steph, and Jeremy doing the nae nae enough.

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