When the Rams and Seahawks match up against one another again at the end of December, it's going to be one hell of a game. Because after St. Louis knocked off Seattle on Sunday in Week 1 of the NFL season, the Rams went out of their way to rub it in.

Following the game, the team's official Twitter account trolled Russell Wilson by retweeting something he sent out on Saturday about the Seahawks starting the season off 1-0. A short time later, Rams linebacker Akeem Ayers called Wilson out, too, and responded to his tweet through his own Twitter account. And last night, Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey—who had three catches for 58 yards during the game—took an indirect shot at Richard Sherman by reposting an Instagram video that someone else created.

The clip, which you can see below, features a portion of Sherman's now-infamous "I'm the best corner in the game!" rant from early 2014. It then transitions into a catch that Bailey made with Sherman covering him on Sunday. And it ends with, well, just watch:

Bailey also posted this on Twitter:

Damn! Bailey has since deleted the video from his IG page, and we're guessing he did it because he is going to have to face Sherman again later this season. But with the 49ers expected to endure a down year this season, could the Rams and Seahawks be the NFC West's new bitter rivals? This could be fun.

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