When Ronda Rousey takes part in a UFC fight, there are only two things she's concerned about: Defending her world title—and eating buffalo wings after the match is over. In the past, we've seen her chow down after fights, and we've never seen her look happier:


Post fight #hotwings

A video posted by rondarousey (@rondarousey) on Feb 24, 2014 at 8:58am PST

She also owns a chicken wing sweater, which is just...yeah. That's devotion to wings.

And apparently, Rousey takes her buffalo wings so seriously that she once cried herself to sleep after eating a bad batch following a fight. She didn't specify where the wings came from, but in a new interview with Fortune, she explained that she had a really bad experience with wings after a fight and was so disappointed that she shed tears over them.

"Every time I fight in a city somewhere around the world, we have to scout out the buffalo wing situation before the fight," she said. "I had a situation once where the buffalo wing situation was not scouted, and I'm not going to lie, I cried that night. Because they were breaded and boneless and it made me so sad. I defended my world title, and yet, I was crying about wings that night. I'm such a baby."

Bad wings can ruin your night—even when you're a world champion. You can read the rest of Rousey's Fortune interview here.

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