It's not uncommon to see sports fans go in and mess with athletes' Wikipedia pages. It happens all the time actually. But when they typically do it, they go in and add something completely off the wall. You know, like the day of someone's death after they get dunked on during a game.

Late yesterday, someone decided to mess with Ronda Rousey's page by making a prediction about her upcoming fight with Holly Holm. But rather than give her a loss or have the fight go the distance as a way of trolling Rousey, whoever altered her page made a pretty solid prognostication about the bout. Here it is:

Rousey by submission in 48 seconds? Sounds about right to us! The page has since been changed back to indicate that the fight hasn't taken place yet. But we can appreciate the prediction that was made here—and we wouldn't even be mad about watching a fight that ended in that fashion.

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[via Sports Illustrated]