When it comes to those rare few who are lucky enough to achieve their dreams of playing or performing at the highest level, people want to know one thing more than any other: How did you make it here? How did you defy the odds to get the chance that so, so many dream of but so, so few get?

How did you break through?

In its new video series, Powerade asks that very question of some of the greatest athletes and artists of our time. Each episode of Breaking Through will focus on a different icon who has managed to rise above and achieve greatness. They include soccer superstar Erick Torres, baseball player Jose Reyes, NFL running back Deangelo Williams, and rapper Big Krit.

Each of these guys started out as just a kid from their hometown. But where they wound up is somewhere far different. To find out the secrets of their success, check out episodes of Breaking Through, at POWERADE Just A Kid From. To check out the series trailer, click on the video above.