What a day it is to be a Titans fan. After briefly looking shaky in the preseasonMarcus Mariota proved he might really be Tennessee's savior after an extended period of mediocrity. It was one of the best debut games in recent memory. Super Mario is legend. All hail Mariota.

Mariota threw 13-for-16 with an impressive four touchdowns — good enough to sit out the fourth quarter with a perfect QB rating. This makes him the only quarterback to have a perfect QB rating in his professional debut. The last quarterback to have a perfect rating was Geno Smith. It doesn't look like Mariota will become another Geno Smith.

What a day it is not to be a Buccaneers fan. That's the team that Mariota threw four touchdowns against. It's also the team that picked Jameis Winston instead of Mariota as the No. 1 pick.

Winston threw two touchdowns. But he was also 16-for-33 and had these interceptions. Note that the pick six you see below was Winston's first regular season pass.

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