Yesterday, we had heard a bizarre story about the empty rape kit evidence bag from the Patrick Kane sexual assault case being ripped open and left on the doorstep of the accuser's mother. The accuser's lawyer Thomas Eoannou quickly called for an investigation to find out what allegedly happened. He also suggested that the FBI should get involved, saying, "In my 30 years plus of being a prosecutor and defense attorney, I have never seen an evidence bag outside of a police lab, the prosecutor's office, or courthouse." The Erie County crime lab countered by saying all the evidence from the case was where it was supposed to be, in its original packaging. 

Tonight, in a follow-up press conference, Eoannou quit as the accuser's representative, saying that he still believes her, but seemed to infer that her mother wasn't truthful with how the evidence bag was obtained. From the Chicago Tribune's David Haugh:

Not sure where it goes from here. Stay tuned for additional details.

[via Comcast SportsNet/@DavidHaugh]

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