While Browns fans got some bad news this morning when their team announced that they will be sending Johnny Manziel back to the bench, Seahawks fans are going to wake up to the best news they've heard all season today. No, Russell Wilson didn't break up with Ciara (sorry, guys!). But Seattle will be getting their Pro Bowl safety Kam Chancellor back this week.

Chancellor—who has held himself out of all practices and games this season because of a contract dispute—just announced that he will be returning to the Seahawks immediately. He sent ESPN's Stephen A. Smith a text and, in it, he said that his loyalty to Marshawn Lynch is one of the main reasons he's coming back right now.

"Ima go help my teammates that are understanding of my position and the ones who aren't," he wrote in the text. "God forgives all, why can't i? Time to help us get back to the big dance. I can address business after the season. Me and Marshawn started a mission 2 years ago. I can't let my Dawg down…Real talk."

Way to go, Marshawn. Is there anything that guy can't do?

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[via @AdamSchefter]

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