Yeah, they did, and they should have done more about it. Snuka had a reputation for being rough with women, especially with his wife at the time, Sharon—the mother of four Snuka children, including professional wrestlers Tamina and Deuce. Pro wrestling great Buddy Rogers was a next-door neighbor of the Snukas, and he said the following about Sharon to journalist Irv Muchnik:

“Jimmy used to beat the shit out of that woman. She would show up at our house, bruised and battered. But she couldn’t leave him—he had her hooked on the same junk he was using.” 

Those are some pretty strong allegations. Snuka, for his part, claimed that he did not get his wife addicted to drugs; rather, they did them together, although it was he who brought the drugs into the house. Snuka never really disputed the domestic abuse, either. Sharon was actually hospitalized from one of the beatings he inflicted on her, and brought up the incidents in the latest grand jury hearing.