Unfortunately yes — we have a lot to doubt about Snuka’s account of events.

Putting aside that slipping and falling does not account for Nancy’s multiple injuries, Snuka also changed his story several times before settling on the particular, "official version." When speaking to doctors, nurses, and police officers that evening, Snuka gave slightly different accounts, every time. Here are just some of the contradictory claims that he made on separate occasions, both at the time of Nancy’s death and after 1983:

She was injured right outside their motel room. She was injured again inside of the motel room. She was injured by the side of the highway.

She slipped on concrete. She slipped on moss. She tripped while jumping over a stream. He pushed her. She hit her head on concrete. She hit her head on a guardrail. She hit her head on furniture.

They were in an argument. They were wrestling. They were fooling around. It was an accident. It was on purpose. She lost consciousness. She didn’t lose consciousness. He slapped her to try and wake her up. And so on and so forth.