The spin move that Ohio State quarterback wide receiver do-everything-player Braxton Miller made during the Buckeyes' win against Virginia Tech last night was incredible:

It was so incredible that, when Miller finished scampering towards the end zone for his second score of the game, he needed to do more than just spike the ball or hand it off to an official. He needed to pull out a celebration that would serve as an exclamation point for the play and shut all of the rowdy Hokies fans up. So he took a page out of his "big brother" LeBron James' playbook and hit the crowd with "The Silencer":

LeBron took notice, too. Moments after Miller scored, King James took to Twitter to give his stamp of approval to his "lil bro":

Miller said it was "only right" on Twitter later:

Miller is far from the first football player to steal, er, "borrow" LeBron's signature celebration, though. Over the last year or two, we have seen quite a few NFL, college, and even high school players pull out "The Silencer." In fact, it kind of feels like football players use it more than LeBron does at this point. We're sure we'll be seeing plenty more of it throughout the football season. But for now, here is A Brief History of Football Players Borrowing LeBron James' Signature "The Silencer" Celebration