Thanks to Odell Beckham Jr.'s amazing catch last season, it feels like every wide receiver on the planet is trying to implement a one-handed catch into their arsenal. But for Pennsylvania high school wide receiver Kris Silbaugh, it's a way of life. He was only born with one hand but, despite this, he just set a record for total receiving yards at Cambridge Springs High School last Friday night.

There's no special approach that Cambridge Springs takes to getting the ball into Silbaugh's hand, either. He lines up just like any other receiver and has taught himself how to catch deep passes. And according to a feature story that USA Today just ran on him, he doesn't want to be treated differently than any other player.

"I never wanted anyone to pity me," he said. "I hate that feeling."

You can read the entire USA Today feature here. You can also check out the clip above to see some of Silbaugh's best catches. It's amazing to watch him do what he does without the benefit of two hands.

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[via For The Win]