As a country, Germany has been applauded for the way that it has welcomed refugees recently, and it's football teams are no different. Bayern Munich have led the charge, they've donated €1 million to various local refugee projects, announced that they will host training camps, German language classes and hot meals for young children, and they're going to play a friendly against Al-Ahly from Egypt, with all proceeds going to charity. Also, when they play Augsburg next weekend, the players will hold the hands of one German child and one young Syrian refugee, in an attempt to show an example of integration. 

Borussia Dortmund have also done their bit for the refugee crisis. As well as banners adorning their famous stadium, they also invited 220 refugees to watch their Europa League game against OB.

Of all the European leagues, it is probably German football that has led the campaign to ensure that refugees are welcomed and looked after in Europe.