Footballers and football clubs often get a bad name. Players are seen as money grabbing and greedy, and clubs are viewed as nothing more than big businesses, desperate to squeeze every last penny from their fans. When footballers do something genuinely good and try and lose this reputation, though, nothing seems to change. The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is the most charitable sportsman in the world gets much less coverage than the more glamorous ways he spends his money and the other perceived ills of the sport. 

As more and more refugees try and reach Europe so they can escape death and destitution in their home countries, Europe's football clubs who have played a key role in making sure these people are supported and looked after. Often, they have led the governments and politicians of the continent. It has been an important reminder of the power of the sport to unite the community of fans it represents.

Here's how some of the biggest teams in Europe are helping the refugees.