Never underestimate the importance of a solid quarterback/wide receiver relationship. After missing the first four games of the 2014 season, Odell Beckham Jr. returned to action and slowly but surely developed a good rapport with Eli Manning. With every passing game, their chemistry only got stronger.

So, with the New York Giants nearing the 2015 campaign with a full season of Eli and Odell, or Odell and Eli (you'll get it when you see it), it's only right that they try to strengthen their bond even further. Enter Dunkin Donuts and "Camp Commitment." 

Now, what exactly is "Camp Commitment"? Upon further review, or two viewings of this commercial, we still have no clue. But, there are some funny moments to look out for, including Manning showing off the bust he created of OBJ and Beckham taking this one-handed catch thing to new levels. Check it out. 

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[via Dunkin Donuts]