Dallas Mavericks fans are pretty angry at DeAndre Jordan for backing out of a verbal commitment to join the team as a free agent this summer, and rightfully so.

When the big man changed his mind and decided to re-sign with the Clippers, he didn't just cause Dallas to miss out on acquiring his services. Because the Mavericks thought they had Jordan in place, they didn't go after any other big names in free agency, so as players got snatched up by other teams, there weren't any left of Jordan's caliber to get as a replacement by the time they learned of his decision.

Essentially, Jordan completely screwed the Mavericks over by breaking that initial commitment. So naturally, as he took to Twitter last night to proclaim his love for the Cowboys, his mentions immediately were lit up by angry Mavericks fans who want Jordan to have nothing to do with the city of Dallas.

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