Five minutes ago, I had absolutely no idea who Jamaican cricket player Chris Gayle was. That's because, well, cricket?! This is him taking part in a match for the West Indies:

We're not here to talk about cricket, though. Instead, we're here to talk about the fact that Gayle apparently has a strip club—yes, a strip club—built inside of his house. It's not exactly the fanciest strip club or anything. But still…IT'S A STRIP CLUB! And according to Gayle, you're not allowed to call yourself a cricket "player" if you don't have one in your house:

Right next to the strip club, Gayle also has a room that features what he calls a "Hanky Panky" bed, which is designed we really need to tell you? If you need an explanation, check Gayle's Instagram caption:

Gayle's entire Instagram account is a gold mine full of stunting. Check it out here.

How is he the first athlete to brag about installing a strip club on social media?! Your move, Floyd Mayweather!

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[via SB Nation]

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