It's not exactly a secret that Bret Hart isn't a big Hulk Hogan fan. During a Twitter Q&A earlier this year, he actually went as far as to call him a "dirtbag." But earlier this week, the wrestling legend took over the TSN Periscope account for a few minutes and answered questions from fans. And when he did, he doubled down on his hatred for the Hulkster by saying, "Let's hope not," when he was asked if he thinks Hogan will ever be back in the WWE after his recent scandal.

Elsewhere, Hart also admitted that he had heard many white wrestlers—specifically wrestlers from the Southern U.S. states—use the N-word in locker rooms over the years. And while discussing it, he mentioned that he's glad Hogan got caught using the word because it brings the important issue to light.

"A vast majority of the white, Southern wrestlers tend to be a little bit racial all the time," he said, "and the N-word was frequently used by a lot of wrestlers in the dressing room when there was a black guy not around…And being Canadian, I found that really difficult. I didn't see eye-to-eye with that kind of stuff and never felt like that, and I've never been in that kind of mindset. But for Hulk Hogan to make the comments that he made, that is something if you had a camera like that in most of the dressing rooms with a lot of the Southern wrestlers from Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, even Texas, you get a lot of that kind of slant on things. And I'm kinda glad he got busted for that reason, that times have changed and you know, you have to answer for that stuff, and he's answering for it."

You can hear Hart talk about it at around the 2:10 mark of the video above. Not surprisingly, he also refers to Hogan as a "piece of shit" at one point.

Are you surprised by anything he said here?

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