Want to grab a beer at an Eagles game? Then you better bring plenty of extra money to Lincoln Financial Field. A research company called TeamMarketing.com just put out a list indicating the price for one ounce of beer at every NFL venue, and Philadelphia landed at the top of the list at a price point of 71 cents. Other locations that landed high on the list include San Francisco (63 cents), Arizona (60 cents), and New Orleans (56 cents).

You don't have to break the bank to buy a beer inside every NFL venue, though. In Buffalo, you can grab a beer for just 45 cents per ounce. The going rate at a Giants or Jets games is 42 cents per ounce. And in Cincinnati, your quarterback might suck in primetime, but you'll only have to pay 36 cents per ounce for beer while you watch him do it!

Here is the full list:

Philadelphia: 71 cents per ounce

San Francisco: 63 cents

Arizona: 60 cents

New Orleans: 56 cents

Oakland: 54 cents

Dallas: 53 cents

Baltimore: 53 cents

Pittsburgh: 50 cents

Green Bay: 48 cents

Detroit: 47 cents

Atlanta: 47 cents

NFL AVERAGE: 46 cents

Chicago: 46 cents

Kansas City: 45 cents

Washington: 45 cents

St. Louis: 45 cents

Buffalo: 45 cents

San Diego: 45 cents

Minnesota: 44 cents

Indianapolis: 44 cents

Tennessee: 44 cents

Denver: 42 cents

New York Giants: 42 cents

Seattle: 42 cents

Carolina: 42 cents

Cleveland: 42 cents

New York Jets: 42 cents

Houston: 42 cents

Tampa Bay: 39 cents

Miami: 39 cents

New England: 38 cents

Jacksonville: 38 cents

Cincinnati: 36 cents

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[via Eye on Football]