With the international break, club football has been nonexistent for the last week. So the world's footballers have been busy racking up their air miles, and that means there have been absolutely tons of selfies with rarely-seen international teammates, or selfies on planes, or a combination of the two. The highlights of the international break, though, were Wayne Rooney becoming England's all time top scorer and Adnan Januzaj achieving a childhood dream of getting to sit in the cockpit of a plane.

Undoubtedly the best, and most surprising, thing to happen in football is Ronaldo (not Cristiano) proving he is an OG and turning up at Burning Man on a Segway. His reinvention from world's best footballer, to advertising intern, to Burning Man attendee is finally complete.

Anyway, here are the 25 best football pictures of the week on Instagram. 

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