School: Syracuse University
Sports: Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Track and Field

Depending on how old your dad (or how young your grandpa) is, they might very well consider Jim Brown the greatest football player to ever slap on a pair of cleats and an old-timey facemask. That legacy began in college where he earned Consensus All-American honors and was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.

However, Brown’s greatest sport might’ve been lacrosse. As both a junior and senior he earned All-American honors (note: that’s one more All-American team then he made as a football player). If lacrosse contracts could pay any bills in the 50s/’60s we might remember Brown as a legend in that sport instead of football. Still, the lacrosse world remembers him, and that’s what matters. They inducted him into their HOF in 1983. 

Also, is it too late to mention he led the basketball team in scoring as a sophomore? Because he still found time to fit that into what was probably already a pretty hectic schedule.