School: University of Georgia
Sports: Football, Track and Field

Nowadays you likely know him as the only 53-year-old you couldn’t take down with a five-iron and a taser. But, back in the early '80s, he was more than just a man who could beat up people half his age (though he could have certainly still done that), he was also an All-American in both track (twice) and football (a three-time unanimous pick). Walker’s current middle-aged bodybuilding physique has likely convinced you of his inherent athleticism, but he’s been breaking new ground since he was a youngster. In fact, he was the first player ever to be named an All-American in his first “true” season on campus (no redshirting for this guy).

By the time he felt he’d be better off getting paid to get tackled, Walker quit with a year left. In his final season at Georgia he took home the Heisman. He collected it with dignity and grace, by taking the school’s bulldog mascot to the ceremony with him. They wore matching tuxes