School: Clemson University
Sports: Football, Track and Field

While an underclassman, C.J. Spiller was recognized as an All-American as both an outdoor track star (4x100m relay) and an indoor one (60m). Two years later he duplicated his spot on the outdoor list by making a reappearance for his accomplishments in the 4x100. That same year, on the football field, Spiller topped 2,500 total yards and was the only player in the nation to score a touchdown in every one of his team’s games. With those feats it was a no-brainer, he was named a unanimous All-American (sense a pattern?).

If you’re an All-American in one sport, then it’s likely your school will honor you with your own banner. If you’re an All-American in two sports, you get a spot on this list. Which one’s more distinguished? The banner. You decide.