Hidekichi Miyazaki just finished a 100-meter race in a blazing…42 seconds. Er, OK. So a 42-second 100 isn't exactly "blazing," but it is quick when you consider that Miyazaki just turned 105 years old. In fact, it's so quick that Miyazaki broke a world record by clocking 42 seconds in the 100 as a 105-year-old man.

Now, we're going to go out on a limb here and say that there probably aren't very many 105-year-old people who have tried to complete a 100-meter race at a competitive level. But still, this is impressive. Even more impressive? Miyazaki's post-race celebration:

Yes, he broke out the "Lightning Bolt" celebration and later challenged Usain Bolt to a race. Well played, sir.

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[via TMZ Sports]