After a decent Raw that featured an awesome tribute to Roddy Piper and a Seth Rollins / Neville match to open the show, we're back on the Smackdown beat, trying to figure out if the WWE's other weekly show will firm up any matches for SummerSlam, which is now about two-and-a-half weeks away. 

It's Smackdown, though, so we'll see how much we actually get.

Either way, here are the results for this Thursday's Smackdown, which was taped in Sacrementon, California:

  • Roman Reigns openes the show saying he would be facing Rusev, as well challenging Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper at SummerSlam with Dean Ambrose as his partner.
  • Mark Henry and the Prime Time Players defeated The New Day when Henry hit Kofi Kingston with the World's Strongest Slam.
  • Charlotte and Naomi fought to a no-contest when Sasha Banks interfered on Naomi's behalf, with Becky Lynch coming in for the save.
  • Stardust defeated Zack Ryder
  • Big Show did an interview where he said that his match at SummerSlam will be a three-way Intercontinental title match with Ryback and The Miz.
  • Roman Reigns defeated Rusev. Summer Rae tried to interfere on Rusev's behalf but was stopped by Lana.
  • Bray Wyatt accepted Reigns' challenge for SummerSlam.

Welp, it looks like Smackdown actually had some news on it... even if it's just two SummerSlam undercard matches. No Seth Rollins, no Brock Lesnar. Not even Kevin Owens or Cesaro, who's feud bubbled on Smackdown but grew to Raw! At least you got Mark Henry!

[via Wrestlezone, F4W]

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