Former WWE star Chyna was one of the many famous wrestlers who were in attendance for the funeral of Roddy Piper earlier this week, but her presence reportedly caused a fair bit of commotion.

It seems as though Chyna "bum rushed" Triple H to issue "an apology for everything," which was likely a reference to her accusing him of a domestic violence incident that occurred while the two were dating.

The reporter breaking this news is another ex of Chyna's, Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman.

We have no idea if this actually happened, as X-Pac may not be the most unbiased of sources. He and Chyna got into it pretty heatedly during a recent radio appearance on SiriusXM, over some even more disturbing allegations from Chyna about things that may have gone down during their previous dating relationship. 

It's worth noting that Chyna has been trying to do anything she can to get back on the positive side of the WWE ledger, so attempting to repair relationships and gain allies in this way doesn't necessarily seem all that far-fetched.

[via Uproxx]